You don’t want a regular car.  Your building something different.  You don’t want off the shelf parts, you want some thing different.  Something that will make others says “Cool stuff, where did you get it?” You can tell them that you designed it and had Lightspeed cut it for you. With Lightspeed you can. If you can make a template and take measurements you can have affordable custom parts for your project. Weather you need a motor mount bracket, accessory bracket, shock tab, header flange etc. If it can be cut out of cardboard, we can cut it out of steel.  Stop building stuff like everyone else with their parts, start building with your parts.

Header flanges for that custom install starting at only $50/pair for CNC cut 3/8″ thick flanges. Common ones in stock. Custom orders available at very reasonable pricing.

SBC egnine mount

Engine mount plates available too. Others available and custom orders welcome.